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With a critical eye towards our methods, our field, and ourselves, we acknowledge that all scholarship is a dialogue between antiquity and multiple presents, and that every present has been shaped by the circumstances of the past. In striving for a better community, we must confront the long, fraught history of appropriations of the ancient world in justifying ideologies and practices of oppression, hatred, and brutality. Recognizing the exclusions, past and present, that have animated the modern university and the field of Classics, we must reimagine what it means to study the histories, cultures, and literatures that have constituted the “classical” past.

The Greco-Roman world does not belong to any self-proclaimed inheritors but is a common past that we explore, enliven, and share with the world, in all of its beauty and horror, wonder and contradictions.

We commit to  (Green官方版下载):

极光vp n官网2023

Yale Review photo

极光vp n官网2023

What the historian’s account of an ancient plague taught me when my father died 8,000 miles away. Read Professor Greenwood’s article in the 极光加速器破解无限版. 

Manning volcano photo

极光vp n官网2023

Read more about Professor Joe Manning’s collaborative work on volcanos and ancient climate in the New York Times science section.


极光vp n官网2023

The Department gleefully congratulates Niek on winning this prestigious fellowship for 2023-21. His project, Appropriate Transgressions: Parody and Decorum in Ancient Greece and Rome, asks how readers identify one text as a parody of another.


极光vp n官网2023

Andrew C. Johnston, Associate Professor of Classics, has won the 2023 Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit from the Society for Classical Studies for his book, The Sons of Remus.